Beauty and the Pursuit of Perfection

The demand for beauty is higher than ever.

More than 50,000 people opted for cosmetic surgery in the UK and the beauty industry was worth 17 billion pounds in 2015 (British Association of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgeons). These statistics are trumped by the US, where 16 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2014 and Americans spend approximately 12.9 billion on cosmetic surgery.

Crazy, right?

Interestingly, both countries have one aspect in common: over 90% of the cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on women.

Why? You may wonder.


Well, the answer is simple. We all want to be beautiful. The perfection of tall, slim women with perfect hair and skin haunts us daily on billboards, magazines, Facebook, Instagram and believe it or not, mannequins. The epidemic display of unrealistic, unattainable beauty standards – quite often achieved through air-brushing and photoshops – doesn’t leave anyone unaffected. And that’s how the quest for beauty spikes with immediate solutions like drastic dieting, beauty treatments and exercise or long term options like surgery.

But what’s beauty?

Oxford dictionary defines beauty as “a combination of qualities such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”. However, there are millions, billion definitions of beauty as each society, and certainly each individual has a particular perception of beauty – including you and me. Biology, for instance, asserts its own definition that beauty is found in symmetrical faces, and human beings have been conforming to their own society’s perception of beauty since the beginning of time to the present day (neck elongation and lip plates in some modern tribes).

But there’s one quality that all societies, primitive or modern, have in common:


There isn’t a single person on the surface of the earth who may be exactly like the other – not even identical twins, as each individual possesses a unique personality, preference, and temperament.

So what makes you unique?

Your soul.

It’s the essence of You – and therefore, beauty is esentially hidden and can be expressed through you, your originality and realness.

No. You don’t need a face-lift, make-up, slimming down, liposuction, or lip augmentation to be beautiful.

You just need to be you.

By Fatiha Ahmed4371-audrey-hepburn-quote-the-beauty-of-a-woman-is-not-in-a-facial-mode


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